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Chipotle Bar-B-Q Quesadilla

Featured Recipe

Chipotle Bar-B-Q Quesadilla

If you want a hot and spicy BBQ recipe option then this pulled pork quesadilla is the one you are looking for.


AM/PM Snacks

  • mango_colada_smoothie.jpg

    Mango Colada Smoothie

    Coconut piña colada gets a tropical fruit boost from the addition of mango. Creamy On Top® rounds out the flavors and makes this an even more satisfying treat.

  • herb_flatbread_and_smoked_salmon_tips-265.jpg

    Herbed Flatbread and Smoked Salmon Tapas

    Assembled in advance, these well-dressed flatbreads are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Flavors of dill, Dijon, red onion and capers complement the richness of the salmon and are the perfect addition to meals from brunch to dinner.

  • mediterranean_spinich_and_feta_bite-265.jpg

    Mediterranean Spinach and Feta Bites

    Expand your offerings with this small taste of the Greek Isles. The classic pairing of spinach and feta, together with herbed flatbread, makes for an elegant and understated starter.

  • fall_harvest_flatbread-265.jpg

    Fall Harvest Flatbread

    Transform a Wood Fired Flatbread into a satisfying taste of autumn with this simple recipe. Simply layer and bake for a flavor combination that is sure to impress.

  • irish_beer_soup-265.jpg

    Dublin Style Beer Cheddar Soup

    Served in a Peasant Mini Boule, this rich and hearty offering is more than just soup -- it's a full meal. Warm your guests from head to soul with this delicious recipe.

  • roman_steak_and_eggs_roll-up-265.jpg

    Roman Steak and Egg Roll-up

    Steak and eggs get an Italian-inspired upgrade in this savory breakfast wrap. Tender steak and fluffy eggs are sauced with a mix of pesto and marinara before being topped with gooey mozzarella cheese. This sandwich is sure to be a welcome start to anyone's day.

  • honey_orange_stickey_biscuts-265.jpg

    Honey Orange Sticky Biscuit

    Any breakfast item with a name like this hardly needs more description – but we’ll provide it anyway. These warm, sticky, citrusy biscuit treats are sure to provide an extra-sweet start to your breakfast lineup.

  • hoisin-pork-bar-b-q-noodles_300x180.jpg

    Hoisin Pork Bar-B-Q Noodles

    Traditional Bar-B-Q pulled pork receives a contemporary Asian-style upgrade with the addition of sweet hoisin sauce in this tasty noodle dish. This Bar-B-Q bowl is also multitalented: it performs fantastically in an exhibition-style stir-fry station and it holds great on a steam table!

  • blossom_bowl_300x172.jpg

    Blossom Bowl

    Transform your menu with this new, unique presentation of all those familiar flavors your customers have grown to love.

  • braided_stromboli_320x213.jpg

    Braided Stromboli

    Fresh-baked dough stuffed with all your favorites, then wrapped up tight for a convenient, easy-to-handle snack any time of the day.

  • cinnamon_roll_french_toast_540x310.jpg

    Cinnamon Roll French Toast

    Take breakfast outside the boundaries of everyday with this over-the-top treat. It’s a sweet indulgence that’s perfect for a sit-down breakfast any day of the week.

  • turtle_pancake_265x220.jpg

    Turtle Pancakes

    Get in on the hottest trend in sweet breakfast — pancake indulgences that use flavors of classic candies, cakes, and pastries. These Turtle Pancakes use the classic combination of pecans, chocolate, and caramel to bring sparkle and life to a traditional pancake stack.