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Pesto Chicken Pizza | Rich's Canada






1 Rich’s® 18 oz Artisan Dough Ball (PC 11269)
1 oz olive oil
12 oz baby spinach
12 oz Goat cheese
6 oz sun dried tomatoes
8 oz grilled pesto-marinated chicken breast


Overnight: Place wrapped dough ball, flat side up, in cooler to thaw/proof.

  1. Remove dough ball from cooler and let sit at room temperature for 1-3 hours to finish proofing (dough balls are completely proofed when package is fully expanded).

  2. Remove dough balls from plastic pouches using the EZ Peel flap, place on flour-dusted work surface and stretch dough to approximately 16”, then place on an oiled pan or pizza screen. Brush dough with Olive Oil.

  3. Place the pesto-marinated chicken, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes on dough.

  4. Top evenly with goat cheese crumbles.