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Bacon Asparagus Boursin Pizza | Rich's Canada






1 Rich’s® 7” Sheeted Pizza Dough (PC 16387)
1 cup Boursin cheese or herbed cream cheese
2 tbsp milk
12 slices bacon, thick sliced, chopped
18 eggs, scrambled
2 caramelized onions
1/4 bunch asparagus, sliced on bias, blanched and shocked
4 scallions, sliced on bias, white and green part
8 chives, sliced very thin
1 oz Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
1 oz Cheddar cheese, shredded


Overnight: Remove sheeted dough from case, leaving wax paper intact and place on sheet pans. Cover with oiled plastic to prevent drying and refrigerate overnight.

  1. Remove thawed dough from cooler and allow to sit at room temperature until double in size.

  2. Place thawed dough sheets on oiled pizza pans or screens and dock to prevent blistering or bubbling.

  3. Mix Boursin and milk to loosen cheese, then spread on docked pizza dough.

  4. Top with scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, asparagus, scallions, monterey jack and cheddar cheese.

  5. Garnish with fresh chives.