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Apple Streusel Pizza | RIch's Canada




1 pizza


1 Rich’s® 12” x 15” Fresh ‘N Ready Oven Rising Sheeted pizza Dough (PC08848)
4 cups Allen Apple Slice Fruit Filling (PC 02501)
2 cups Rich’s® Streusel Topping (PC 04077)
2 Tbsp Butter or margarine, melted
2 tsp Cinnamon sugar
2 oz Walnuts or Pecans, chopped
Powdered Sugar or Rich’s® Vanilla Heat’n Ice as needed (PC 09976)


  1.  Remove dough from freezer.

  2. Brush dough with butter or margarine, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, then spread apple filling evenly over prepared crust.

  3. Top with streusel topping and nuts.

  4. Bake until edge and bottom of crust have browned evenly.

  5. When cool, dust with powdered sugar or string ice with Rich’s® vanilla Heat’n Ice.