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1 sandwich


2 slicesMultigrain Panini Bread (PC 00311)
3 slicesApplewood Smoked Bacon, crisp
1 eachWhole Egg
2 slicesTomato
2 leavesBibb Lettuce
2 TbspMayonnaise
2 TbspButter, softened
As desiredKosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper


  1. Butter both pieces of the Sunflower Panini Bread and place on flat top grill and toast until golden
  2. Remove from flat top and spread mayonnaise on both pieces of bread
  3. Fry egg, sunny-side up until egg yolk is slightly firm
  4. Layer sliced tomato, bacon and Bibb lettuce on one piece of toasted bread
  5. Place the fried egg on top of lettuce and finish sandwich with other piece of toasted bread.