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Rocky Road Pie | Rich's Canada




40 servings


40 oz Rich's® Whip Topping® (PC 08011)
5 lbs Chocolate Pudding (PC 02735)
1 lb Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
1 lb Walnuts, chopped
8 oz Miniature Marshmallows
10 oz Chocolate Chips
5 10" Pie Shells, baked (PC 15202)


  1. Whip Rich's® Whip Topping® at medium speed until full volume. Fold in pudding and instant pudding mix; continue to whip until completely mixed.
  2. Stir in chopped nuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips.
  3. Spoon into cooled pie shells.
  4. Garnish with On Top®.
  5. Chill pies for 4 hours before serving.