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Bar-B-Q Pork with Green Apples and Cabbage Sub

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Bar-B-Q Pork with Green Apples and Cabbage Sub

A Southern take on the submarine sandwich. Sweet honey mustard dresses a crunchy cabbage and tart apple slaw - the perfect counterpoint to rich barbecued pulled pork.



  • turkey_brie_recipe_page.jpg

    Turkey Apple Brie Sandwich

    A great sandwich is more than a collection of condiments from the burger bar. Here, fresh chives, juicy tomatoes and crisp green arugula appeal to the health conscious diner. Elevate the entire build by using Rich’s® Multi-Grain Sunflower Panini Bread for texture, flavor and visual appeal.

  • garden-sandwich_300x180.jpg

    Garden Sandwich

    A great sandwich is more than a collection of condiments from the burger bar. Here, fresh chives, juicy tomatoes and crisp green arugula appeal to the health conscious diner. Elevate the entire build by using Rich’s® Multi-Grain Sunflower Panini Bread for texture, flavor and visual appeal.

  • classic_reuben_sandwich-265.jpg

    Classic Reuben Sandwich

    For all that new offerings excite the palate, sometimes there’s nothing like an old classic to sate our hunger. Give your guests a great version of the deli classic with spiced corned beef, tasty sauerkraut, gooey melted Swiss cheese and golden toasted Marble Rye Panini Bread.

  • super_italiano_meatball_sub-265.jpg

    Super Italiano Meatball Sub

    For an over-the-top savory sub that is sure to leave no guest hungry, top garlic bread with juicy meatballs and slather on marinara, pesto and alfredo sauces. It's a handheld Italian feast!

  • monte_cristo-265.jpg

    Monte Cristo

    Sweet and savory unite in this classic French sandwich. Salty ham, lean turkey and Swiss cheese are pan-fried between two pieces of batter-dipped bread until warm and gooey. Dust with powdered sugar and serve alongside warm raspberry preserves for a taste that will have your guests proclaiming "Oui!"

  • sweet_and_savory_roasted_turkey_sandwich-265.jpg

    Sweet and Savory Roasted Turkey Sandwich

    Make your guests do a double-take at this couture lunchtime treat. Sweet and tangy cranberry mayonnaise meets peppery arugula, sharp white cheddar and savory roasted turkey in this delicious sandwich. Say good-bye to ho-hum turkey sandwiches with these gourmet flavors.


  • thai_bbq_beef_sandwich-265.jpg

    Thai Bar-B-Q Beef Sandwich

    Transport your diners' taste buds to Bangkok with this smoky barbecued beef sandwich that's packed with Southeast-Asian ingredients like Thai basil and sweet chili sauce.

  • full_meal_breakfast_sandwich-265.jpg

    Full Meal Breakfast Sandwich

    Tender, flaky biscuits serve as the foundation to this stellar breakfast sandwich. Salty bacon, melty cheese and expertly cooked eggs come together for a morning meal that’s sure to satisfy.

  • chipotle_shrimp_foldover-265.jpg

    Chipotle Shrimp Foldover

    For a spicy taste of Baja, wrap crispy-fried shrimp, diced red onion and chopped cilantro in a crema-covered chipotle flatbread. Smoky, creamy, crispy and spicy, this flatbread sandwich has it all!

  • huevos_rancheros_foldover.jpg

    Huevos Rancheros Foldover

    For those patrons looking for a new way to start the morning, serve this Latin-inspired spin on the classic breakfast sandwich. Fold eggs, black beans and fresh cut tomatoes inside of tender flatbread and top with cool sour cream for a fresh south-of-the-border wrap.

  • grilled_mahi_sandwich-265.jpg

    Grilled Mahi-Mahi Sandwich

    A refreshing citrus-avocado salsa cools the heat of wasabi mayo on this Asian-inspired grilled mahi mahi sandwich.

  • three-chesse-toastie_300x180.jpg

    Three Cheese Toastie

    Turn classic grilled cheese into a four-star experience with the combination of Fontina, White Cheddar and Asiago cheeses.

  • pretzel-torpedos_300x180.jpg

    Cheddar & Pulled Pork Pretzel Torpedos

    The rich sweetness of caramelized onions is a simple but elegant foil for smoky pulled pork. Together with tangy mustard, Rich’s® Bavarian Pretzel Stick and shredded cheddar they make for a delicious treat that’s one part ballpark and two parts bistro. They also hold beautifully for a hot addition to your grab and-go line up.

  • tunisianwrap_300x180.jpg

    Tunisian Wrap

    In this history-filled country, a crossroads of many civilizations (Roman, Carthaginian, Arab, Turkish and French), Tunisian cuisine has evolved into an art. Our Tunisian wrap is a reflection of the fresh flavors of Tunisia, featuring Virgin olive oil, fresh Roma tomatoes, mint, couscous, and feta and cheddar cheeses.

  • garlicky-texas-brisket_300x180.jpg

    Garlicky Texas Brisket Sandwich

    Brisket is usually served with a rich and heavy Bar-B-Q sauce. Lighten it up here by trading Bar-B-Q sauce for olive oil and adding fresh tomatoes, and by grilling the components for an extra layer of flavor.

  • bar-b-q-beef-pepper-jack_300x180.jpg

    Bar-B-Q Beef and Pepper Jack Panini

    Sweet, smoky, tangy and crispy – this sandwich has it all! Update from the usual Bar-B-Q on a bun to this cheesy, crunchy panini. The spicy ranch and pepper jack give it a slight kick of spice for just a hint of the Southwest.

  • smoky_brisket_breakfast_biscuit_265x220.jpg

    Smoky Brisket Breakfast Biscuit

    Even though biscuits and Bar-B-Q are a natural pair, they don’t usually make an appearance at breakfast. Bring them to your morning line-up with this tasty and simple barbecue sandwich.

  • el_paso_omelette_warp_265x220.jpg

    El Paso Omelette Wrap

    This take on a breakfast burrito includes flavorful Double Rubbed Pork, a mildly seasoned Chipotle Oven Fired Flat, and plenty of spicy salsa verde. It’s great for a spicy, portable breakfast or brunchstyle lunch.

  • bahn_mi_540x310.jpg

    Banh Mi Sandwich

    Considered by many to be one of the best street foods in the world, the Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich delights consumers with its East meets West flavors of cilantro, pickled vegetables and French baguette”.

  • southern_comfort_mac_cheese_540x310.jpg

    Grilled Southern Comfort Mac & Cheese

    This sandwich is a fantastic – albeit extremely caloric – concept. For a slight change of pace use a panini press to do the toasting.

  • richs-cemita-sandwich.jpg

    Rich‘s Cemita Sandwich

    Take your patrons on a culinary journey south of the border with this traditional Mexican sandwich. Pulled pork, avocado and Cojita cheese deliciously come together on a fresh-baked Kaiser Roll. Buen provecho!

  • veggie_burger_540x310.jpg

    Mushroom Tofu Veggie Burger

    This is a healthy and very tasty vegetable “burger.” The toasting of the oats and nuts add both flavor and texture dimensions to the final dish.

  • tandoori_spiced_chicken_540x310.jpg

    Tandoori Spiced Chicken Flatbread

  • meatball_bomber_320x220.jpg

    Meatball Bomber Sub

  • farmhouse_blt_540x310.jpg

    Farmhouse B.L.T.

    Kick-start a classic with a twist on the recipe. By simply adding an unexpected ingredient, you'll take the taste of this sandwich to a whole new level.

  • smokehouse_eggs_benedict_420x315.jpg

    Smokehouse Pork Benedict

    A new twist on Eggs Benedict featuring Rich's® Double-Rub Pork Bar-B-Q and Southern Style Biscuit Rounds - Handi Split.

  • champagne_burger_300x300.jpg

    The "Champagne Burger"

    For the upscale burger lover: this juicy burger features crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and creamy brie. Served on Rich’s sweet, tender, egg-washed Gourmet Burger Buns and you’ve got the “Champagne of Burgers.”

  • gourmet_turkey_prosciutto_sandwich_300x200.jpg

    Gourmet Turkey and Prosciutto Sandwich

    Tender turkey breast, thinly sliced prosciutto, wilted spinach, smoky Gouda and a herbaceous pesto mayo combine to make this upscale sandwich. Rich’s Gourmet Multigrain Bun with hints of wheat and rye, perfectly balanced by the sweetness of sunflower, sesame, and flax seeds make the perfect carrier for this irresistible sandwich.

  • pulled_pork_breakfast_sandwich_300x200.jpg

    Pulled Pork Breakfast Sandwich with Fried Egg and Plum

    Creamy ricotta cheese, sweet plum preserves, and the richness of egg yolks perfectly compliment the smokiness of pulled pork in this exceptional sandwich. Serve on Rich’s handcrafted Artisan Ciabatta Hero.