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Rich Products of Canada is dedicated to educating chefs, operators and foodies across
the country. Rich Insights is a publication which features trending information, market research,
and innovative product solutions. The documents offer a quick snapshot of a hot topic/category, with an in-depth understanding of the marketplace for Canadian operators, large or small.

Below are the latest issues of Rich Insights


Baked Goods - 2014

Spring 2014 - Baked Goods

Baked Goods are an essential everyday food item and have relevance from both a historical and cultural point of view. Historians date the first evidence of baking to even before humans mastered fire.

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Summer 2013 - Pizza

Pizza has got to be the most widely accepted meal option among Canadians. In a recent survey, 95% of Canadians reported eating pizza at least once a month.

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Summer 2013 - Sandwiches

With 75% of menus featuring at least one type of sandwich, sandwiches remain a long standing favourite on the vast majority of Canadian menus.

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Spring 2013 - Desserts

Consumers have long held preferences for the familiar and attach nostalgic qualities to certain foods, and desserts are no exception.

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Fall 2012 - Pizza

Canadians’ affinity with pizza appears to be growing as consumers recently reported that they are eating pizza more often today than they were just two years ago.

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Spring 2012 - Street Food

Street Food” is the current buzzword for restaurants and food trucks purveying global snacks, but it’s a well-established phenomenon in cities around the world.

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Fall 2011 - Health

Most operators can probably attest to the fact that their best-selling items tend to be craveable, fully satisfying options served in generous portion sizes rather than items that have been singled out as healthy choices on the menu.

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