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Lemon Bettercreme | Rich's Canada




Pre-whipped, lemon-flavored, creamy non-dairy icing, with a smooth texture, light and creamy taste. Packaged in 9-lb pail.


Product Code 08689
Units Per Case 1
Unit Weight 9 LB
GTIN Case 00049800086890
Gross Case Weight 10.39 LB / 4.71 KG
Net Case Weight 9 LB / 4.08 KG
Case Dimensions 9.875 IN (L) x 9.875 IN (W) x 10.875 IN (H)
Metric Case Dimensions 25.08 CM (L) x 25.08 CM (W) x 27.62 CM (H)
Pallet Tiers: 20 High: 5
Kosher DAIRY


Nutrition Facts

serving size: 1/3 cup (35G)

Amount Per Serving
Calories: 0
Calories from Fat: 220.083
Per Serving % Daily Value *
total fat 0g 0%
saturated fat 0g %
trans fat 0g
cholesterol 0mg 0%
sodium 0mg 0%
carbohydrates 0g 0%
dietary fiber 0g 0%
sugars 0g
protein 1.17162g






Shelf life
  • Frozen: 365 DAYS
  • Refrigerated: 2 weeks
  • Ambient: 0 days

Tips & Handling

Tammie Flynn 9/20/10 HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: For best results: Store frozen. Thaw under refrigeration 24 hours before use. Ready to use at 45o to 50oF Remove the amount of Bettercreme® Whipped Icing you are going to use and place in a mixing bowl, stir gently to cream before using to ice the cake. Reseal unused product and return to refrigerator. Do not re-freeze thawed product. If product appears wet, shiny or slides off the cake, product was not thawed completely (check product temperature). If product appears coarse, stiff or airy, the product was either left out of the refrigerator too long; was unnecessarily stirred; or exceeded refrigerated shelf life. Shelf Life of Bettercreme® Whipped Icing Frozen Product: 365 days Thawed product in refrigerator (unopened): 21 days Thawed product in refrigerator (opened): 14 days Shelf Life on Decorated/Finished Product: Covered at room temperature (less than 80oF): 5 days Covered and refrigerated: 7 days Covered and frozen: 180 days visit for tips and ideas